The upholstery looks worn and therefore the overall look of the office takes on the same look. If your clients feel you do not care about the look of your office, it sends a negative message.

We offer cleaning services for any situation we can be placed in. At your business, we will clean as often as you like, restoring and maintaining the good health of your employees, which in turn will increase productivity.


Offices, Buildings and Stores can benefit from window cleaning because it presents a clean environment for the employees and clients. Oh La La Spotless offers different types of window washing methods that will make your windows sparkle clean.

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janitorial services are second to none and will sanitize any space necessary. We are always available when you need us and we will deliver quality janitorial cleaning services every time. Count on us to be the best detail cleaning service.


When a construction crew begins a project, federal and state laws regulate them, and when a construction project ends, these regulations continue to control the process until the site is cleaned up, so a commercial cleaning service is often hired to make certain the area is clean and safe. By hiring a professional cleaning business, the builder can ensure that the area is left compliant with code.

"Green" is a complete approach to maintaining a facility by making informed Decisions on chemicals, equipment, supplies, processes and procedures for every aspect of the process.


Office cleaning services that fit your schedule and go above and beyond your expectations for a clean office or workplace. Our customized cleaning checklist will fulfill your specific needs and ensure a healthy, safe environment, our cleaning technitians not only spray disinfecting solution not only in the bathrooms and kitchens but also on door handles, table tops, water fountains, chairs and equipment to reduce the risk of spreading germs


We understand the importance of cleaning a medical facility, as there are many different types of specialized medical facilities with different needs.   Our Cleaning Technicians are trained to take all the necessary precautions to address surface cross-contamination, infection control and disposal of hazardous or pharmaceutical waste,.


Offers professional commercial cleaning services to businesses in the Miami Area. Our goal is to make your facility a healthy environment for your business. Leaving the cleaning to us will be one less thing your company will have to worry about and will allow your employees to increase their productivity, enjoy a healthy environment and most important increase your building appearance.


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This is perfect for newly acquired properties. We clean from top to botton and sanitize all areas, leaving your properties looking like new. We keep a close relationship with property managers, real estate brokers, agents and staging consultants who trust and rely on us to get top dollars for their commercial and residential properties


Oh La La Spotless is a provider of hourly temporary and long term housekeeping staffing. We become an extension of your management team. We have supervisors assigned to ensure the quality and performance of your assigned employees. Training and background to all employees

*Room & Spa Attendants

*Housekeepers & Supervisors

*Steward/Porter Services

*Bartenders & Event Attendant